Future of TV set – WiFi digital photo frames?

32 inch digital photo frame

Via Watching TV Online

Article on C/net Asia suggesting that wifi enabled digital photo frames could take the place of LCD or plasma screens.

With wireless connection, digital photo frames really take off. Controlled from faraway devices, the digital frames can grow into the centerpiece of a large wall space. Video clips from YouTube, reproduction of classic pictures from Renaissance Italy, sepia portrait of your granduncle who died in far Guadalcanal, or even silly TV show or two; all kinds of images could be displayed and turned off easily.

Thus, the Wi-Fi digital photo frame with larger display (and an aditional tuner) has a fair chance to topple the reign of large-size flat TV. If a cheaper and simpler digital frame could do a job perfectly, who would want to buy an expensive LCD TV?

In January 2008, Consumer Electronics Daily News reported on a 32-inch digital photo frame produced by Smartparts

16:9, widescreen LCD panel that displays photos in high-definition, with a resolution of 1366×768.

The frame can also playback video with sound, including MPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMA and AVI files, at their native resolutions. In addition to being able to control the SP3200 directly from the unit, consumers can also operate the frame via RF remote control. With an operating range of over 100 feet, the RF remote gives consumers the ability to navigate through the SP3200’s graphical user interface and change settings from a significant distance. With 256MB of internal memory, the $899 frame will be available through specialty retailers nationwide, “sometime in the future.”

US$899 is just under AU$1000 at today’s exchange rate, a few hundred dollars cheaper than equivalent 32 inch LCD although the latter has built-in tuner (photo frame could be operated by a computer) and speakers (photo frame could be hooked up to home sound system). Any other compelling reasons for LCD/plasma over photo frame?


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  1. Yes i think theres something in this – it ties in with the idea of the “photo album” being a window to the interpersonal and larger social spaces we have a “purchase on” (as Ross might say)

    Yahoo also ran an article on the proliferation of domestic digital frames.

    RefReframing Digital Entertainment – Yahoo! News


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