Nielsen/Netratings announce VideoCensus: new metrics and methodology for online video audience measurement

On Feb 14, Nielsen/Netratings announced new service providing ‘accurate stream counts and granular audience demographic profiles’.

PDF of media release here.

Methodological innovations are claimed for VideoCensus:

Nielsen Online’s VideoCensus is the first and only syndicated online video measurement service to
combine patented panel and census research methodologies, providing an accurate count of viewing
activity and engagement along with in-depth demographic reporting.

Headline findings, all of US users:

  • Women 18-34 more likely to watch online video at network TV sites, men 18-34 more likely to watch user generated content sites (which survey terms “CGM” or “consumer generated media” – mainly YouTube, MySpace, Veoh,
  • Most users of network TV sites (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) tended not to visit other network TV sites (75% of online video viewers at only watched online video at
  • Almost all users of UGC sites watched online video at more than one UGC site
  • “Most popular time for viewing” (not clear if this is actually watching or downloading for later viewing) of online video at network TV sites is 12-2pm, for UGC sites is 11pm-6am)
  • YouTube is by far the most visited site, with over 67 million unique users in December 2007 watching over 2.6 billion streams (although this only makes it the sixth most visited brand by US users, see below)

In another release on 14 Feb (PDF available here), Nielsen/Netratings report most visited sites and average duration of visits:

Nielsen Jan 08

and top advertisers by estimated spend in Jan 08

Nielsen online advertisers Jan 08


One Response

  1. Reading the release again, and thinking about Philip M Napoli’s book Audience Economics makes me highly sceptical about claim for “accurate count” of anything but particularly ‘engagement’.

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