Online video use: Huge gap between casual and regular viewers in average time viewing per month

The New York Times reports on a recent Media Contacts/comScore survey (using panel method) which shows:

  • top 20% of viewers average 841 minutes per month viewing online video (and mostly watch at video-sharing sites)
  • bottom 50% of viewers average 6 minutes per month (and 46% of this group watch more than 13 hours of television per week)
  • bottom 70% most likely to watch broadcast television sites, rather than video-sharing sites

comScore Press Release (14 Feb 08) on the survey is available here

Unclear if this is real time watching, downloaded for later watching.

Suggestion from Jarvis Mak, VP of Research and Insight at Media Contacts that networks distributing first-run content online will bridge the gap in consumption levels.

Still remarkable figures comparing TV viewing and online video viewing:

  • Of heavy viewers of online video, 30% watch 13 hours or more of TV per week
  • Of medium viewers of online video, 39% watch 13 hours or more of TV per week
  • Of light viewers of online video, 46% watch 13 hours or more of TV per week

One Response

  1. They are fascinating figures. As you say they are interesting when compared with TV use: even the heavy users are watching four times as much on Tv as online.

    But equally interesting: if YouTube is a useful marker (and the article suggests that it is)…it only came into existence three years ago this month…and sold to Google less than two years ago.

    So though the gap between TV and Online is wide, the takeup of video on-line is huge for such a short time.

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