There is a new word in the media lexicon – not viewing but “glancing”. This describes the way we might receive new digital radio services in OZ – which are a combination of sound and image (still or multimedia – but not video which is prevented under legislation).

ABC Media Repor

The ABC are interested in aggregating their rich source material from a number of conventional broadcasts to present a new themed service in this area.
This sort of convergence again prompts us to rethink the demarcations about radio, film and television programming, and indeed what is television and what is radio?


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  1. This is a very good report on the state of Digital Audio Broadcat (DAB). A group of students in one of my EMBA classes in late 2005 that included a Director of a company trying to start DAB in Australia completed a very good scenario planning project on DAB. There was a lot of optimism in late 2005 about DAB and its CD quality signal, its ability to carry small chunks of multimedia info that could be useful for various things (eg traffic management, weather). But the govt of the day was not keen on opening up DAB to new players – this was not like FM-Radio around 1980 that spawned new media companies. Also through 2006, DAB took off in the UK, as receivers became cheap and available (I very nearly bought a DAB device in late 2006 in the UK, but it could not work here).

    I think Jock Given has recently suggested that maybe it’s now too late for DAB in Australia. I have listened to streaming radio using 3 mobile data services while driving to work (not holding the phone of course, but through bluetooth stereo speakers in the car..) and the quality of audio through that is as good as CD anyway – so if the telco’s kept improving their 3, 3.5, 3.75 and soon 4G networks, would DAB be really necessary?

    DAB content as Television? Probably if you think of live multimedia chunks of information as “Television”. It will be interesting how – or if – DAB fits in with the emerging digital media mix..


    There is a huge amount of multimedia chunks of info that would go well on DAB>

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