World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Conference

World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Conference

The first World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Conference will be held in Auckland from March 26-28.

The conference is of interest to the project for three reasons:

  1. Growth of indigenous broadcasting around the world indicates health and ongoing relevance and utility of public service broadcasting objectives (although Shaun Brown will be at the conference to argue the case for commercialisation)
  2. The intention to launch a World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network at the end of the conference
  3. Address by Saul Berman, Global Strategy Leader, Media and Entertainment Industry, IBM Business Services (to be introduced by Claire Harris from AGB Nielsen Media Research, who are also a sponsor, indicating ratings companies’ interest in Indigenous audiences) which promises to provide the answers for traditional media companies into the future:

Traditional and new media are clashing. The old rules on content and distribution: gone. Traditional alliances: unreliable. Long-established partnerships: threatened. Everything’s changing. Prepare for an epic conflict. Saul Berman presents IBM’s research-based assessment of the future of broadcasting and 10 strategies for traditional media to survive and thrive.


One Response

  1. Interesting reflection about developing “media” and “television” for particular groups (in this case “Indigenous” groups. If somehow the concept of “salience” (as raised by Mark P and Ross I think), could be connected to “groups” or “clusters” or “segments” then we could be onto something related to “media consumption” and Salience-driven “Television”?

    Interesting too what “commercialisation” might mean for development of an “indigenous broadcasting” concept or entity.


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