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Nicholas Carr is the author of “Does IT Matter” which caused a major storm when it was published (Amazon quotes him saying “In May 2003, I published the article “IT Doesn’t Matter” in the Harvard Business Review. Called “the rhetorical equivalent of a 50 megaton smart bomb,” the article challenged the conventional wisdom that information technology has become increasingly important as a strategic weapon in business. In fact, I argued, IT is becoming less important as it becomes more powerful and more widespread. Some of the leading figures in the tech industry attacked the article, with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer dismissing it as “hogwash.” But the debate over my ideas has only intensified.)

His new book is called “The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google” and it was reviewed yesterday in the SMH . It clearly offers some balance to the “utopian” view of the future of TV which will be useful in determining the precise nature of the matrices we develop.

The latter part of the review engages with the big issues beyond IT itself, notably the idea of personal empowerment versus big powers.


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  1. Nicholas Carr over recent years has led a debate over the Value of IT to Business – which naturally has generated a lot criticism in IT circles. But I tend to agree with him – which is why in our E-Business courses at UTS we don’t employ IT people as Lecturers. ” BTW, its also why you very rarely even hear me mention the term “IT” in conversation)

    His new books takes that debate to a new level, jumping into the social Media space – Linking that to a new concept of “IT , and suggesting that existing business is even less likely to adapt to changes associated with that with IT developments. I want to read the full book first, but tend to agree with him.

    With regard to Television, it’s almost like that the ‘Collaborative information Platform of the Future” is viewed here as being “television”, with maybe no distinction between consumers and Business-To-Business activity (B2B). I’m not sure about that, but that idea may be worth exploring..

    With regard to power, I’ll have a look for an article on “Net Neutrality” – if anyone can find a good one, please put it up on the blog – that looks at power and control in the internet and is a very hot topic for discussion.


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