AOL buys Bebo

The attached article from C21 is yet another pointer to the ambitions of current media magnates (in this case, AOL-Time Warner) to “own” the users of new media: a central issue for the development of our scenarios. Bebo is a particularly interesting buy, given its development of “Kate Modern” and its growing relationships with broadcasters. Apart from its inherent interest, “Kate Modern” is also interesting for innovations in the way it engages consumers directly with advertisers. This is covered in one of the participants’ interviews, notes of which are to be circulated to project researchers this week.

It will be interesting to see how much the presence of a major Corporation stimulates innovative production ideas from previously untapped talent and spins them out to multi-platform delivery. Interesting, because the big Corporations have the capacity to cash-flow development and production in a way that the start-ups can’t.


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