A “free” World?

“Free” is the new black…at least that’s the view of Chris Anderson, author of “The Long Tail”. His new book explores the phenomenon of “free” on the internet. This article in Wired Magazine is by the man himself, summarising the book.

The article makes fascinating reading because he whisks the reader through a wealth of examples which seem very compelling.

Fascinating also because there are so many potential holes in his argument that your mind absolutely bubbles with new ideas.

Two thoughts in particular remain with me. The first is where does the world of “free” leave the world of “the long tail”?

The second is that the penultimate paragraph is such a foolishly sweeping combination of thoughts (essentially he appears to be saying if we had had free nuclear-generated electricity for the past few decades, there would be no global warming) that you wonder about the serious underpinnings of the whole notion.

See what you think.


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