Television production, post production and commercial FTA statistics from Australia, stats on television viewing and online video use from Europe

Last week the ABS released a bunch of statistics for 2006-07 showing, amongst other things,

Television, film and video production activity

  • At 22,200 hours, sport accounted for the highest number of first release broadcast hours during 2006-07, followed by news and current affairs (20,600 hours).
  • Feature films accounted for just over two-thirds (67%) of total production costs ($273 million).

Post-production businesses

  • Generated $444 million in income during 2006-07, with more than half of this from visual editing services (58%).
  • Employed 2,970 people. More than half (55%) were permanent full-time employees, and more than two-thirds (69%) were male.

Commercial television broadcasting

  • Collectively, commercial free-to-air and subscription television broadcasters generated $6,813 million in income during 2006-07 and employed 10,032 people.
  • Gross income from sale of airtime was $3,611 million, up over 6% from 2002-03. Gross income from other sources ($919 million) declined from 2002-03.
  • Operating profit before tax was $834 million, operating profit margin was over 19%
  • the main source of income for subscription television broadcasters was subscription fees ($1,975 million)
  • subscription television sector recorded operating loss before tax of $163 million.

And today Reuters is reporting rising web video use in Europe, though still tiny compared to television viewing time.

Although time spent by Europeans watching online video rose 50 percent from 2006 to 2007, it still accounted for just 0.9 hours per week of viewing on average last year, compared with 13.2 hours spent watching television.


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