Keeping the Content Alive

We’ve often spoken of a “remix” culture emerging in the content spheres of future program making. Here is a Radio National transcript discussing an interesting pioneering company in OZ, MOD Films,  that very much sees their Internet participators as co-producers of feature films.

Discussing the MOD project, ‘Sanctuary’, Michela Ledwidge says,

The idea is that it’s a little bit like a WIKI, that its all under wraps at the moment, but once I finally finish the film I set out to make, we’ll be releasing not just the film but the online virtual studio system that is being used to create the film

Ledwidge says she was inspired by what’s happening in the Games industry, but also feels these techniques can be applied to period piece drama as well.

We are also seeing more and more short forms of the mash-up and remix associated with mainstream television currently, where programs are often tailed with an audience contribution that’s utlised online studio/editing systems supplied by the broadcaster.


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