Do you feel “gamed” by online advertising?

…..its getting harder and harder, now that the Internet is becoming almost a living, breathing thing that watches what we do, to know whether its genuine recommendation that’s coming through from someone, or whether it’s a testimonial from an agency hidden as a blogger recommendation.”

Laurel Papworth, social network strategist.

This transcript from the ABC’s Future Tense program examines the so called power of peer recommendation as a recent advertising strategy. It also raises interesting questions about who is more savvy in the online space? the advertiser? or the consumer, as they wise up to the targeting of their profiles and online habits? One wonders what forms of consumer resistance will evolve.

Oh and there’s also the emergence of embedded adds through social media sites. I guess this is like replacing the recommendation of the traditional TV presenter with the recommendation of the Youtube (or whatever) favoured personality.



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