Nielsen reports 2008 US Advertising Spend Figures: Broadcast TV, Internet, Overall Down; Cable TV Up

Nielsen reports figures for US advertising market in 2008, almost all measures show downward trend from 2007 figures

  • total US ad spend down 2.6% – from $140.5 billion to $136.8 billion
  • Broadcast network tv down 3.5%
  • Spot TV top 100 down 0.3%
  • Internet down 6.4%
  • Cable TV up 7.8%
  • Hispanic cable tv up 9.6%

TV is still the dominant advertising medium, with 60% of total ad spend.

Top ten advertisers total spend was down 15% to $15.5 billion.  Biggest falls registered by car manufacturers (as a sector, down by 15.5%), pharmaceuticals (down 18.4%) and motion pictures (down 11.4%).

Among media and communications companies in the top 10, Time Warner down almost 24%, Verizon Communications down 1.3%, AT&T down 7.2%.

The only product categories registering rises in total ad spend in 2008 were “Quick serve restaurants” and “Direct response products”.


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