The beginning of the end of DVB-H? – Live streaming TV to iPhone app

This may be very premature, but the announcement of the release of a streaming video application that (in theory) allows any broadcaster to deliver live TV to the iPhone via 3G and Wi-Fi rather than DVB-H might just be the development that encourages greater take-up of mobile TV outside Korea and Japan and works around the mess of standards and options for DVB-H (see David Wood’s blog on the DVB World 2009 event earlier this year).

Sarah Perez for ReadWriteWeb reported on 6 August

Content delivery network Akamai announced today that their partner and live TV provider Livestation has officially launched its streaming video solution which allows any broadcaster to deliver live TV to the iPhone. To demonstrate the capabilities of this technology, Livestation has also launched two applications which stream live TV news over both 3G and Wi-Fi connections. Other broadcasters that choose to build mobile applications with the company’s new white label turn-key solution can have an app branded and then sold in the iTunes App Store as the broadcaster’s own.Livestation quietly launched their first mobile application streaming live content over a month ago with the release of BBC World News, which debuted in June 2009. This iPhone application delivers live TV news to viewers in 16 European countries but is sadly not available in the US as of yet. European viewers can watch the news over two types of streams provided by the app: either a 96 K stream on 3G and Edge networks or a higher-quality 300 K stream delivered over Wi-Fi. Akamai’s CDN steps in to help Livestation scale these streams to the millions of iPhones worldwide.


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